New 7 Wonder of Nature: Iguazu Falls

Many times people make fun of me when I say that the Argentine Falls impressed me more than Machu Pichu, Peru. That is why now I will try to explain my reasons.

First of all, the most awesome point of Iguazu National Park- Argentine Side  is called “Garganta del Diablo”. Hold on. “DEVIL´S THROAT“, please take a minute to an in-depth analyze of this name, may give you a previous idea of what you will find when you get the falls, face to face.
Devil´s Throat was for me, the most shocking place of the Iguazu Falls.

To reach the lookout balcony of the majestic Devil´s Throat where you be allowed to approach a few meters from the most important and mighty waterfall of the Iguazu Falls, you will take a train.

The train will leave you about 1,100 meters before the monumental fall, after getting off the Ecological Jungle Train at Devil´s Throat Station, which was designed with the purpose of generating the least possible environmental impact.  Once at the balcony, staring at a huge wall of water over 80 meters high, I think there are no words to explain how you feel once there, but I want to give you a few hashtags to help:


#unforgetable #amazing #wild #wtf #lol #scary #water #alotalotofwater #strong #bestdayever


“Watching this huge amount of water falling such incredible speed makes you feel that you are looking to the Mother Nature face to face”


It is different from Machu Pichu. Of course, both places are beutiful and unique. But in Machu Pichu what you visit is a human´s awesome and hard work, in Iguazu Falls all is pure nature.

In Machu Pichu you can feel some empathy with the place because it was built by humans.
However, in Iguazu Falls there is not human intervention, it is a natural work, perfect and imposing.

No matter how long you are watching the falls, maybe 30 seconds, maybe 10 minutes, maybe 1 hour… you will not understand how such amount of water can keep falling.


“Imagine that today, one month of my last trip to Iguazu Falls, in total felt more that 146,880,000,000 liters of water from the Devil´s Thoart, ONLY from the Devil´s Throat”


If you think about it, there are more liters of falling water everyday that the number of reproductions that would ever have had any video on You Tube.

By #keeptravellilng

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