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    6 pax
All about the USHUAIA: SEA KAYAK – 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT.

Starting around 8 in the morning, we pick you up from your hotel. We start to travel through milenary forests and wondrous remote areas, along the picturesque 70 km that divide Ushuaia from Brown Bay, the chosen place to launch our adventure. The paddling technique and safety briefings conducted by our guides are enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee. We prompt our equipment in an outstanding area, where the “flag trees” live. Afterwards, we get into the sea, and before our eyes we have one of the most beautiful bays in the Beagle Channel.
After rowing for about 2 hours, we disembark in the untamed, uninhabited Gable Island, the biggest one inside the Beagle Channel.
We stablish our base camp at our refuge at Gable Island, a picturesque building refurbished without altering its history. Here we cook a delicious and nutricious meal and, after resting for a little while, we go for a walk on this island. Its wide viariety of landscapes, nature, climates and silences makes us feel the true power and charm of Tierra del Fuego.
At night, we may hear an eternal silence or frightening drafts, but the wood stove keeps us warm, so does the good wine that sprinkles our chatter and the candles that wrap the refuge with warmth. Thus, during some eerie hours we forget about the unexpected and changing mood of this End of the World. And that is how our first day finishes. Tomorrow, will be a new chapter in our adventure.
Early in the morning, the birds and the light of dawn wake us up. After breakfast, and the Safety at Sea briefing we start our Sea Kayak expedition. Kayaking on the quiet waters of Guarani pass is one of the most fascinanting experiencies anyone may imagine.
The sea lions often appear suddenly, or thousands of birds fly over us, curious; even the magnificent albatross escort us during our journey.
The final disembark is done in the historical Harberton Ranch. Here we travel in time, and we feel it in our bodies (despite of the neoprene): our arrival to this Estancia paddling on the sea makes us feel like the 18th Century Yamana canoeing aboriginals (the first inhabitants in these latitudes). The historical framework is as overwhelming as the landscape, the moment is sublime.
After lunch, and a well diserved rest, we still have time to visit the Ranch’s main house, Acatushun museum for sea birds and mammals, or just to relax and let ourselves be transported by the place’s atmosphere, wherever it may take us.
And with the pleasant feeling of tiredness that the sea breeze and the adventure instilled in us, and after having achivied an unique experience, we return to Ushuaia.
These two days at the Beagle Channel will remain unforgettable.

Suggested clothing: Thermal interiors. T-shirts and other warm weather clothes to use in layers. Sunglasses with UV protection. Sunscreen and lip protector. An extra pair of pants and extra socks. Plastic bags with airtight seal as additional protection for cameras, batteries, etc. Waterproof jacket + polar jacket. Waterproof shoes or slippers with good traction. Extra footwear and extra socks to use while resting from the kayaking activity. A small backpack or similar bag with straps to carry the camera and other equipment. Sunscreen skin care: personal toiletries, including sunscreen, moisturizing lotion. Optional: wool ski cap, scarf and gloves. Please let us know if you do not bring your own sleeping bag and mat.

-Regular tour departs daily, from October to April, at 08.00 am.
-Private tour route, spots to visit and departure schedule is coordinated previously with the passenger depending on their availability. 

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Pick Up and Drop Off at your hotel;
  • Transportation;
  • Snacks;
  • Drinks (bottled water, soft-drinks, Patagonian red wine);
  • All the meals. Vegetarians and coeliacs: menus available by reservation;
  • Tents;
  • English speaking guide.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Entrence fee to Estancia Harberton;
  • Sleeping bag;
  • Tips.